My Career Assessments Online


Our staff professionals are Masters in Business Administration who have a combined 35 years experience in human resources, and are an MBTI/Strong Practitioner and a Certified Life Coach Supervisor.

We provide expertise in career selection, training, coaching for college bound students, and adult career assistance.

Who will benefit?

  • High school and college students deciding schools and majors.
  • Currently employed looking for a new career.
  • Underemployed looking for a better job.
  • Employers looking for candidates who are the “right fit.”
  • Unemployed workers returning to the job market.


  • “I have had the pleasure to work with Fred for well over a year now. His expertise in HR (Human Resources) and the legal aspects of employment is top notch.”
  • “I have also been impressed with his knowledge in evaluating results from the Myers Briggs Personality Assessments and interpreting  the results in terms that are easily understood. I wholeheartedly recommend Fred for all your HR needs.” ​
  • “Fred has a great depth of knowledge regarding the field of HR. Any company or individual would be very lucky to use him for advice or consulting.”
  • “Nancy exhibits an in-depth knowledge of our policies and she made herself available whenever there were concerns about benefits or someone was unsure about any issue in particular. Our company has  a variety of ethnicities in our group and Nancy was able to effectively communicate information to all of us. Nancy was accommodating and earnestly sought to provide our employees with information applicable to decisions that had to be made.”
  • Nancy….”On confidentiality, I was able to share personal information with her knowing that it would not go any further.”
  • “Nancy has a knack for communicating on a personal level and has excellent attention to detail.”
  • “I found Fred easy to work with and very knowledgeable on multiple subjects including employee benefits, employee engagement, workforce wellness, and employee communications. Wish he was working for my organization!”​​